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The system uses 5 variables:

die1value, die2value, totalvalue: These are the same as before.

repeat: Either “yes” or “no”. It’s used during “Check Results” to decide whether new random values are required for die1value and die2value, because the totalvalue has been rolled before.

questions: It contains characters, a – k, to represent each possible “totalvalue”, 2 – 12, i.e. a=2, b=3 etc

The group “Enable …” is what happens when a valid number is rolled. Currently there are two actions for each “totalvalue”.

If totalvalue = 2, Button 2 is enabled  and “a” (representing “2”) is subtracted from “questions”.

When another 2 is rolled, “Check Results” will find that “totalvalue = 2” but “questions” Does not contain “a”. “repeat” stays “yes” and the last action the group will run “Randomize Dice” again to receive new values.

You can use any action you want instead of “Enable Button”, e.g. “Show Question 1” or “Go to page 15”.

You can move the “Subtract a” action to another location, e.g. to the page with the question, to the check button and give it different conditions, e.g. “If Question 1 is correct”.

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