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So, I have just gotten advance warning of a “virtual tour” project.

I’m going to have the same problem as several previous posters. Say A is north of B. Walk from A to B and you’re facing north, no problem. But C is east of B. Walk from C to B and you’re facing … north again, because there is no way to change that in CenarioVR. I can use a variable to track where one is coming from, that’s super-easy, but I can’t actually change the camera angle except by panning, which does not solve this particular problem. Walk from C to B and you would face north, then inexplicably spin to your left to face west.

With CVR in its current state, all I can do is have a top-down map, and require people to leave any location only to return to the top-down map and select a different one. I’d rather have something more like true VR, where they can “move” from spot to spot directly.

Any plans to support spacial orientation of cameras in CVR? I envision it being two system variables, say Horiz_Angle and Vert_Angle, both expressed in degrees. Since the camera angle must logically already be represented by some data structure in the underlying JavaScript, that should actually be very straightforward.