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Hello Donna,

Thank you for posting your suggestions and questions! I have reviewed each and replied below.  

We understand that editing tables could be more similar to other applications.  I have entered a feature request for needed improvements.  Lectora Online will have continued development and hopefully this can be addressed soon.

Pasting text from one word processor to another does carry the formatting with it.  We do recommend that you paste using Ctrl+Shift+V as this will drop the formatting.  Otherwise, similar to how you paste into the HTML editor, you can paste into a plain text editor such as Notepad++ first, then copy that into the title.  This will also drop the formatting.

For the collapsing / expanding options, we do have that feature!  Use the right mouse click to open the context menu and select Collapse All or Expand All as needed.  This will affect all lower items.

I tried a few bullet lists on both Mac OS and iOS and have not encountered any bullets cut off.  I have created a support ticket for you, with a link to share a sample with us.  Please include what browser you are using and if you are on Mac or Windows.

I have entered the ReviewLink option as a feature request.  I know that we had customers who wanted it on so they did not forget to update the comments!  

Regarding the support ticket submission form.  I do see the problem and will work to address.  Until then, please feel free to send all the details by email using lectora.support@elearningbrothers.com (support@trivantis.com is still active too) to open a support ticket.  

I see how the entry field and shape objects have different dimensions to create the same apparent size.  I have reported this to development as well. 

Thank you again for posting these suggestions!