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Like most things in Lectora, probably a few different ways you could do this.  Advantages to each depending on the use case.  For your particular setup, probably easier to specify specific dimensions vs percentage.  (if you click to zoom into 150%, then click again to zoom to 100%, it will stay the same size, because 100% of current dimensions is the same size).  I believe you would have to do something like 70% when zoomed out.

Other options:

  1. Like you mentioned, have 2 images – If you click on image 1, it hides itself and shows image 2.  Click on image 2, and it hides itself, and shows image 1.  (probably easiest)
  2. have 1 image, and 2 transparent buttons on top.  Transparent 1 initially visible, and Transparent 2 initially hidden.  Then when you click each they hide themselves, shows the other, and sizes appropriately (again, easier to use specific dimensions vs percentage probably)
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