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I finally solved my problem!  I created a shape about 1/3 the height of the screen and about a half-inch in from both sides and made the background a different color so it would be easy to read but not blend in with the contents.  I put the contents in it (pictures of buttons and their functions, who to call for help – etc) and put everything into a group.  I had my narrow box hooked just at the edge of the frame.  I set it to Initially Hidden and Always on Top (this has to be the last thing you do or you are constantly unchecking this part until you get completely done).

The Help button action was told onClick to Display the Group_Help.  Another action again onClick to Move the HelpBox (my name for this group) to the X and Y coordinates I needed to be located in and to come in Sudden.  The HelpBox has a close button of its own which is set to hide the Group.  And it works!

I like the idea of this drop-down box for several functions.

Thank you to everyone with your ideas!