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Joe (@wheels), your reply made me actually laugh out loud! Legitimately.

We’re transitioning from 18-19 so haven’t had a chance to notice the blur fix – awesome. I’m trying to get the powers-at-be to keep us using the latest version, so hopefully we’ll benefit from frequent updates soon. Some day’s I feel they’d be happier in the era of semi-annual service packs! Hopefully they’ll figure out frequent updates are commonplace and it’s best to stay latest and greatest. I know that for thing like accessibility there are many updates that are must haves and not just nice to have, hopefully eLearning Brothers can keep them coming ASAP.

My old school web developer brain can’t stop trying to reduce images and redundant code/markup a remnant of someone old enough to build for dial-up — now given affirmation of my minimalist OCD by those managing our LMS server load 😉

Thanks for the quick reply!