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Hi S – here’s a quick breakdown:  It might seem time-consuming at first, but using copy/paste, and then modifying the actions as-needed will make things move quicker.

  1. On the first page, every button needs an action to modify a different variable.  Let’s call them Var_b1, Var_b2, Var_b3, etc.  (Remember to check the option to retain the variable between sessions if that is appropriate) (i.e., when you click button1, you want to modify Var_b1.  Anything will work, but lets say the initial value is zero, and you change it to a value of 1 if the user clicks).
  2. On the second page, you need a series of on page ‘show’ actions with a condition for each.  The first action will be On Show, show button1 with the condition if Var_b1 equals 1.  Copy and paste that action, and update the new action to say: On page show, show button2 only if Var_b2 equals 1. (stated slightly differently to help understand conceptually, but you are doing the same thing).
  3. Just remember, on that second page, you will need all the same buttons you had on the first page, but set them all to be initially hidden.  That way only the buttons that have their associated variable set to 1 will show up based on all the action that fire when the page first shows.

hope that helps!


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