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I’m experiencing the same issue. Chrome.

Rendered page with the Enable Responsive Title selected (and only Desktop chosen) worked as a fix for me.

Converting some courses from L18 to L19 I noticed ALL my Buttons that had text on them changed from the Arial they once were to a font that has a serif when published/previewed — and I couldn’t change them back. Freaked out!

Inspecting the Published (or web-previewed) page and inspecting the element I see the font-family: \”Arial\”;. Now, if I alter the element in the inspection panel to font-family: Arial; it (temporarily) appears correctly. Alternatively, when I look at the element with Enable Responsive Title selected it generated the proper font-family: “Arial”;

Hopefully eLearning Bros will update with that tracked fix soon to output the correct Publish style instead of this:
font-family: \”Arial\”;

Glad I popped into the forum.