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@wheels @carlfink – Normally, I would agree 100% that the opening in a separate window is a setting within the LMS. However, in this case, Storyline SCORM files uploaded to Canvas open in a separate window without changing any settings in Canvas. In  Storyline, selecting “Launch player in new window” creates the desired outcome. The only setting for “opening in a new window” in Canvas is to set up a “Launch in new tab” button on the page that “houses” the SCORM file.

@wheels – I have previously used that to open the course in a separate TAB, but it does not open in a new WINDOW, which is how the Storyline courses work. Does that make sense?

@cainam – See above re: the Storyline courses. They open in a separate window just fine and I would swear that it worked near the end of last week and have tickets in to both Canvas and the organization that admins our Canvas settings.

This is the main reason I’d hoped someone with Canvas experience would chime in, so hopefully someone has experience beyond my own. If I just tried adding a “launch course” button set to open the next chapter in a new window, but it still opens in a tab rather than a separate window the same way the Storyline courses open.

I may just have to settle for the new tab instead of new window, which our users have previously come to expect, and I may have been delusional on Thursday when I would have sworn the courses opened in a new window as desired.

If there are still questions about what my expectations are, I can quickly put together a video that better explains it.