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@cainam – Canvas does have a similar community, and I’m checking there as well. I tried to see if maybe an new release was pushed over the weekend, but couldn’t find anything either.

@wheels – I’m not sure what you mean by “no location” on the button. If I use “Next”, there are no options. If I point at a specific page on the Go To, I get the options, but have to choose either existing or new window on the main ribbon, but can change the window size. Change the window size still results with opening in a new tab.

The way Storyline works is that there is a setting in the “Player” options called “Browser Settings”. There, you can select an option to “Launch player in new window (creates launch page)”, then choose things like hiding browser controls and allowing the user to resize. When we’ve published through Storyline, the only option selected is the “Launch player” and that works, creating a new window when the Storyline course opens.

In the end, I may just have to settle for the new tab unless/until I put together some javascript that forces it into a separate window instead of tab. Canvas really isn’t very good when it comes to SCORM on the whole, in my opinion, so in the end, it shouldn’t surprise me that this is problematic.