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@wheels – Thanks for the suggestions on that. For now, I have to put that process on the side, as I’ve been “reassigned” to update one of our Storyline courses. Plus, I got word that it’s not likely that the courses I developed in Lectora will end up in Canvas anyway. Things are a bit chaotic with my group right now, so that could all change in 20 minutes 😉

@timk – That’s a really interesting point about the new window I hadn’t thought of. With Canvas, there’s a mobile app for students and with our transition, I’m not sure how many will jump on the app bandwagon. I may test it out and bring it to the team as a possible suggestion to just use the LMS “open in new tab” depending on the app behavior. (On an aside, how are you? It’s been way too long since I’ve delved into things beyond that audio player bit I ran into.)