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Marcel, this is not my experience. We’ve had other issues, but not with adding users.

To add a student to a scenario:

  1. Open the scenario in CVR.
  2. Publish it to CenarioVR Live and Mobile.
  3. When publishing completes, you will see the Published Packages panel at the bottom of the CVR window.
  4. In the line reading “CenarioVR Live and Mobile,” at the right side, will be a little circular icon with people in it. That is the Assign Users and Groups button. Click it.
  5. Beside each name in the list is a gray circle with a white check mark in it. Click that for each person you want to assign. The circle will turn green.
  6. From what you wrote, the search bar at the top is not behaving as you expect. It looks as if you are searching for email addresses. The search is actually for the person’s name, not the email address. Is this perhaps the source of your problem?
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