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In order to share with another author, you would need more than one author in your organization. You can’t share between organizations. CenarioVR is highly firewalled between organizations for security reasons.

Public/Private is a very different concept than “sharing” (A name we may change as it seems to be generating some confusion)

Sharing a scenario with another author and the shared scenarios tab is for collaborative editing. Two people who are authors (or Org Admins) in CenarioVR will be able to edit and publish the same scenario (one at a time, both authors can’t be in editing at the same time)

Privately published scenarios are only viewable by users that you assign to the content. So when publishing Privately, you’ll need to create a user and assign them the published scenario. Privately published scenarios will show up in the “My Scenarios” tab for those users it has been assigned to, and have xAPI analytics tracked for everyone that takes a scenario.

Publicly published scenarios are available on the Public scenarios tab for everyone who has a CenarioVR ID, and can also be linked to directly by URL to anyone on the Web, without having to log in.