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Data point: I just submitted a bug via your ticketing system. A 3D cylinder is set to transparent, but is perfectly visible in the Oculus app. This is the 3D cylinder model that’s in your media library.

There’s some sort of bug in the ticketing system itself. It automatically detects (incorrectly) that I have opted out of email communications, and provides a link to turn them back on … but the link is null and does nothing.

If I do ever get email from your ticketing system, I’ll add to the report that a PNG-based hotspot that’s (properly, visibly) there in the browser client is not shown and not active in the Oculus app. So the app shows the unwanted transparent hotspot, but does not show the desired perfectly visible hotspot.

The “pointer passes over the hotspot chirp” is also silent in this scenario. No, I did not turn it off.