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Since september the University i work for too has switched to Canvas. And as @jason states, the support of Scorm on Instructure’s Canvas is poor at least. Out of the box it even doesnot has Scorm enabled, you have to specifically tell your IT to enable the Scorm LTI. I cannot yet test your scenario mainly because the Scorm LTI is not enabled on our Canvas. I will however when we have the Scorm LTI enabled. Furthermore Canvas has limited options in there RichText editor. All script tags, CSS and a lot more get automatically sanitized and removed, so a lot of the nitty-gritty stuff we love aint possible. That said, it has good things… it has standard support for Bootstrap and Flexboxes and more.
Mobile it works really swell out of the box due to Bootstrap.

@jasonadal lets connect directly to share tips and tricks on Canvas. A lot to discover there for me too…
Contact me directly at m.l.notermans@tilburguniversity.edu

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PS. As i use Rise360 and Storyline360 too now for courses…quite interested in your findings on that in Canvas. The mobile app seems not to like Rise…

PPS. As i atm cannot use Scorm for courses i publish as HTML ( both from Lectora and Rise360 ), those courses i upload into the files onto Canvas. In a separate page i add code for that page in an iframe. That works for me now..i am gonna check whether i can force it into a new window…