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There are a lot of ways to do that – the way I found to make it more quickly to repeat, is to:

  1. Put a transparent button over the next button.  On click, display message “please participate in all activities on the page before continuing” (or something generic enough it will apply across other scenarios).
  2. add an action to each button to modify a variable – lets call them var1 for button 1, var2 for button 2, var3 for button 3 (Good to have these save between sessions as well).  make that the first action of the button. You can modify however you like, but lets say you make the initial value zero for each, and change the value to 1 when the button is clicked.
  3. the last action of each button can be the same.  (meaning make once, and copy/paste to the others). Hide the transparent button (from step 1), with condition that must all be met – var1 equals 1, var2 equals 1, var3 equals 1.
  4. bonus page action – in case the user revisits the page, you don’t want them to have to click through again since they already did – so on page show, hide transparent button with the same conditions from the step above.

Might seem like a lot at first, but this becomes very quick to replicate in the future, and will open up a lot more interactivity you can create in the future once you get comfortable leveraging variables in these more simple scenarios.  A quicker way if you don’t need to make absolutely sure they clicked each button, but to at least know they clicked  button(s) 3 times, is to just use one variable (var1), and have it ‘add 1’ to the total instead of setting the variable to specific value.  Then your condition to hide the transparent button would be if var1 was greater than 2. (since you have 3 buttons).

I went ahead and mocked this up in a module (attached).  This literally took me 3 minutes from start to finish creating everything in this demo.  At first, getting the concepts down will take some time, but once you get used to it, it will be very quick to do.