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Thats one old post you refer to Carl 😉 @carlfink

@mmalhotra.4421 To create animations in Lectora you can do 2 things.

  • Use the build-in transitions and options to show, hide and move elements
  • Use Javascript to animate.

If you check posts of me you find tons of examples how to use Javascript ( use GSAP mostly ) in Lectora.
The older posts are for Lectora desktop ( L16 and 17 mainly ), newer ones are packages for Lectora Online and do need some work to work properly in the desktop version…especially the last version(s). In only have Lectora Online at the moment…

Here is a simple sample of animation with Javascript.

Get an Elements Position

Moving with Variables

A more complex scripted sample

Enveloppe Animation

Here is a great sample that shows the difference of animation in Lectora itself and Javascript controlled.
Uses delays too.

Sequencing with GSAP TimelineMax

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