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    I’d go with the Search Engine. That’s something much sought after in the community and I think many would be interested.

    See you in Cincinnati,



    xithis said:

    Since the Lectora Conference is within easy driving distance, I should be able to have my company pick up the bill easily in these times. I would like to present this upcoming year, but I am trying to consider what I would like to present:

    Here is my current thoughts:
    – Search Engine for Lectora, and how to customize Lectora to your needs.

    If anyone else has an ideas let me know 🙂

    I also wrote our CommentCatcher application for Articulate and Lectora, so that area could be a good topic to discuss.

    (Note, for some reason the Lectora version isn’t showing up on our webpage… I can count quite a few courses where we are using it internally with clients) http://www.i3logic.net/our_methods/webbased_products/commentcatcher/

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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