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    Any reason why this would not work???? Possibly alignment issues????I have a 57 page glossary in Word, and the client wants its contents in Lectora as searchable fields tagged to words throughout the course. I spent 6 hours in creating a Lectora glossary on the letter “A” alone, creating a text block for each word & definition, and giving the text block the name of the word.The reason that I was creating a seperate text block is because it allows for you to hyperlink to the proper text block (location in the Lectora glossary) from the word.Then I figured there must be a better way.Instead of creating a new text block for every glossary word, you copy and paste the whole document (Word) to a single Lectora page (long scrollable page- the quick and easy way).You then create an image that looks like a bullet point that complements the glossary….. and paste the the bullet at each change in vocabulary word.You then rename the associated bullets with the name of the word. This is as if you had cut and pasted each glossary item and contents in to text blocks and aligned and named each text block.So instead of hyperlinking to a text block, you are hyperlinking to the bullet of the same name.Q: Would the bullets line up with the associated location of the text when published to HTML?Has anyone ever considered/ tried this and did you encounter problems….ThanksChuck

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