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    The way links are formatted in Lectora do not meet current accessibility standards.

    Consider a challenge from a visually impaired learner who is using a screen reader to go through an online course. When they come across a link they should have the knowledge that selecting a link that opens in a new window moves them away from their course into the new page, something visual learners can “see” happening.

    The simplest fix Lectora can implement is just adding a custom title to the “a href” attribute.
    a href=”…” title=”Link opens in a new window”>Code of conduct</a

    Alternatively, an aria-labelledby CSS line for link purpose could also be generated to comply with WCAG 2.0 success criteria.
    a href=”…” aria-label=”Link opens in a new window” title=”Code of conduct PDF”>Code of conduct</a

    I’ve attached a sample mock-up of how simple this could be for people authoring with Lectora.



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