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     I would recommend sending that PPT file to Trivantis Support so they can take a look at it. You could also debug it, as the way support will deal with it is import one page at a time to see which page/pages are causing the error to occur and then look through the content on that page or pages to see what it is that is causing it to not import correctly.

    lizt said:HELP!! I am trying to add 12 power point slides to an existing Lectora title (I do have the Power Point Integrator installed). I have been following the steps listed below but each time I click on “Finish” I get an error message and Lectora closes out. I tried the default title size of 720 X 540 and I also tried 1024 x 768 – Im not sure if this has anything to do with the error. Any suggestions?? Select PowerPoint Tool from the Tools menu. Select a PowerPoint presentation file (.ppt). The PowerPoint Slide Selection windows opens. Navigate and select the slides to insert into your existing Lectora title. You can select multiple slides by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on the slides you want to import. Click Next. The PowerPoint Import Options window opens. Use the Title Size list to select the size of the pages to be created from the PowerPoint slides. Use the Transitions box to select how you want the transitions from the slides to be re-mapped when imported into Lectora. Click Finish.

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