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    What LMS are you using? 

    We use AICC all the time with no problem.  When you publish to SCORM are you using the same LMS or a different one?

    Dumb question, but you did check “Prompt return to last known location”?

    It could be several things.  For example too many frames causing the course not to find the LMS, amongst others.


    markbucceri said:I’m using Lectora 2009 and my bookmarking is not working. The content is correctly doing a putparam of the lesson location to the LMS. On relaunch, the LMS is returning the lesson location in the GetParam, but I am not prompted to resume where I left off. Also, variables marked as “Retain between session” are not holding their values (although I see that the LMS is getting the value and returning it in the GetParam). If I publish the exact title to SCORM 1.2, it works. I saw in this forum there was a bug with AICC bookmarking, but that was suppose to be fixed in SP2 for 2006. Can anyone either provide a solution or confirm that this is still a bug? Thank you!

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