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    SirWise…Thanks for the reply (you too Pitman), I think I understand what you are saying and I like the idea of displaying the variable in a text box – great idea.This makes me wonder why the variable is not being tracked by my LMS (Learn.com). If what you are saying is correct in that this variable’s data is being passed automatically, then I have to wonder why the courses I authored are not fufilling this data field when I run reports on the course usage…. hmmmmm, things in life that make you go hmmmmmmmm!Do I need to set an intial value or call the variable or even check to see if it is included in the start of my courses. Or better yet, will it matter that I am trying to assertain this variable from a SCORM course vs an AICC course, because both courses I am referencing are SCORM authored in Lectora, and not specifically AICC.Thanks again for your assistance.

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