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    AndrewP wrote:
    The ID should be on no real consequence. In the manifest it acts as an identifier but is not actually presented to the end user.Generally when you upload a (single) SCO you name the package.The organization name (of the package) is taken from the course title (in the dialog Publish SCORM Location / SCORM options).The name of the SCO, within the package, is taken from the AU name.Andrew Poulos Hi Andy – thanks for replying to my question.Unforunately at this stage the SCO ID is of consequence to me. My LMS administrator has told me that if I want to exact specific reporting information out of the LMS for each of my individual packages, I need to be able to specify different SCO IDs (as opposed to AU IDs) for each of my packages.In short I want to exact reporting information for each of my individual packages, but at this point I need to be able to differentiate between each by specifying different SCO IDs. As far as I am aware the SCO ID seems to be set by that System ID field (which appears to be locked by default). Unforunately editing the manifest.xml file is not an option, because it appears that things are linked to the SCO ID that is referenced in that file. I tried changing it there – but it caused the SCORM packages to break when testing. Updating everything is also not an option as Lectora seems to assign that System ID to everything – including file names. It is simply not practical to try and manually update hundreds of references per package.So – does anyone know of a way of changing either that System ID field or the SCO ID in another way?Thanks – Rudolf Schmidt.
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