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    Hi,One of our customers wants to create a self assessment (which we’ve structured as a test with 3 sections) where users answer a series of questions and then based on the score of the section (or answer to a specific question) an individual development plan (with recommend classes for them to take) is created. The individual development plan is displayed in a pop-up window and the recommended courses are highlighted in yellow. We’ve added a print button on the page for the user but now our client wants to know if the pop-up window can be e-mailed to someone without the user knowing. Basically they want to view the individual development plan of each employee and don’t trust the employee to show them. Is there an easy way to e-mail the pop-up window when it “shows” to the user? I’ve tried the ‘mail to’ action but it doesn’t do anything but open a blank e-mail. Can the pop-up window be sent as some type of attachment?Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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