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    I took the Trivantis Extreme training some time ago, and really liked how the sample CBI “Eye of the Storm” tracks the learner’s progress through the course. Using that as my model, I built a title with five modules, but can’t publish it because of a persistent error message under “Checking Objects” that reads:

    “You have specified an invalid variable name within the current title.”

    When I click on the error message, it takes me to a related text box that is associated with the prompt message:

    “You have been in this section before. Would you like to return to the last viewed page? Yes No”

    Debugging hasn’t helped and I’ve matched my actions with those in the original Trivantis CBI, only the labels differ and everything else is a one-to-one match.

    Please help me resolve this error! I’ve spent several days trying to “fix” it and my delivery deadline is fast approaching.

    Thanks in advance!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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