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    I have a big problem about a test I have created.
    I choose to show test result to student after end test and also checked Customized Test result
    So far all good.

    I want to customize the result.

    Problem 1:
    I go under question result group 1
    I want to change Question Number Label.
    Double click on this. Under general I can choose HTML Text Type.
    My choice is only:
    – Normal
    – Heading 1
    – Heading 2
    Can I choose other font or style?

    Problem 2:
    The change I want to use for the Question Number Label.
    Must that be done for all other question. Or can it be so if i change this one. All other question with the question number label will change? I have many question so it take long time if i must do that on all question.

    Problem 3:
    Can I change the “template” for the Question Result Group?
    And save it.
    Do I have to start all over every time if I do a wrong and uncheck Customized Test result.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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