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    I have a course with Flash files on every page, containing audio and Flash animation/interactions. The Flash files are pretty small (200-500K). I also have two FLV files that are 10mb and 7mb. The course itself has about 30 pages and also includes 10 PDFs that are about 1mb each. I am publishing to SCORM. The client has loaded the course to their SABA LMS and their users in other countries report that the course loads slowly and the videos load extremely slowly (20 minutes) and play very jerky.

    Really just looking for some good suggestions/best practices on optimizing. I used Lectora to compress my WMV videos to FLV and used a medium compression. Lower than that, and the video looked terrible and the audio was not great.

    I really feel that it is either an LMS or end user issue, but I want to do my due diligence. What are things I can do further on my (developer) end, what are some things I can ask them to check on their SABA LMS, and what could the issue be on the end user end (Flash player, connection speed, etc.)

    Thanks for any advice!

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