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    Thanks for your replies.

    “Are you running these from an LMS? If not, you are in for problems. IE only supports a 4K cookie. With 25 modules, sounds like you might exceed that limit and the later courses would push out data from earlier ones. Also, if variables have the same name, there is the potential that they will use the value from other modules especially if you publish with the Generate short ASCII HTML page names option checked.  I have used that to my advantage before when I wanted to share variables between modules.”

    This course will not run on an LMS – all users will have the files locally on their PC. I made an error with the original post – I meant to put published to Title Manager not Javascript title manager. Sorry. I havent had any problems with testing it so hopefully this is the case. All variables I have used are numbered to the module I have set them in(var1_1, var 1_2, var 2_1, var 25_1etc), so there is no problem with same name variables. I have not published to ASCII html pages –  should I?

    “I invite you to look into session variables (sessvars.js) (http://www.thomasfrank.se/sessionvars.html) a very clever construct that allows you to carry variable values over from page to page as long as the browser session is open. That’s right – no need to use cookies or deal with the cookie restriction limit. The limit with this constuct is multiple megabytes (browser dependant) – but – since we’re only talking text here – it’s negligible.

    It’s one of the topics on which I hope to present at the Lectora User Conference (plug – plug – plug).

    If you need to retain the variable values BETWEEN browser sessions – you’re going to have to store this data on a database – BUT even that is simple using dynamic script injection and JSON data format. Again – something I hope to present at the LUC 2010. That’s a discussion that will take too long for this forum – but with a little ingenuity using cookies (as long term storage) and the session variable construct (as short term storage) you should be able to do what you are looking to do – – I know because we have built course that already do what you are trying to do using these technologies.”


    As this project is being delivered globally to individuals and the project is too far down the line, I dont think I can take on your suggestion of using a database, but thanks.


    “What kind of variables are you saving?  Location data? Quiz Data?  That information will help out.”


    The only variables I am saving are the menu variables I have used to show ticks when a section is completed. So with 25 modules comes 25 menus. Each module has on average 7 sections. The variables I have used are session variables. It all works great and ticks are shown when completed and when the user returns to each menu, all is correct.

    All 25 seperately published modules are accessed from a seperately published main menu. If they were all published together as 1 great huge beast of course then I wouldnt have a problem at all, as I could just have a button resetting all variables. Because the courses are published seperately I dont know how do this – if at all possible. So would deleting the Lectora cookie be the best option to “reset” all the menu variables I have saved?! Or get them to reset their browser cookies?

    Hope this makes a bit more sense what I need to achieve and answers your questions put to me.



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