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    Hi community,

    I have created a course that uses a lot of videos (.flv). The video is initially invisible so I can show an image instead of the black video player in the beginning. When the image is clicked several actions are performed:

    1. Show Video
    2. Play Video
    3. Hide an introductory textfield
    4. Show another textfield
    5. Hide this image

    When published to html everything’s fine and all actions are performed.

    When published to scorm and uploaded to moodle, only the hide image and the show video actions are done. When the user clicks the play button in the video controller the hide / show texfields actions are not done which is a problem, as I show more text by events in the video. These textfields are overlayn by the textfield that should have been hidden.

    Is this a known difference between html and scorm?

    Thanks Tim

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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