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    Hey Everyone,

    To keep users from advancing through a module without hearing all content on a page, I have used an On:Done Playing action on the audio file to hide an image of Next button until the audio finishes. When the audio finishes, the Next button image is hidden, revealing the actual Next button. This works flawlessly throughout the entire course in preview and also when published to HTML.

    I have recently been tasked with converting several modules to be SCORM compliant for our new LMS (SumTotal). After publishing to SCORM and uploading to the LMS test site, the action does not work, causing the Next button to never be reavealed and keeping the user from being able to advance through the module.

    I have heard this type of action will not work for certain types of audio files, but have never heard of it being affected by publishing to SCORM instead of HTML.

    I am using Lectora Professional Publishing Suite version X.4 and compressing the audio files when publishing.

    Has anyone had this issue in the past, or something similar? Any insight or information on this will be much appreciated, and I thank you in advance!

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