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    Dear Lectora developers,

    As discussed in «http://forum.trivantis.com/f2/translate-variables-initial-values-11188/» with Ben “Dr. Lectora” Pitman, I strongly believe that -in some cases- will be useful to have the capability to export the “initial value” of selected variables for translation purposes.

    The scenario I foresee (and in fact I face) is this: In my title there’s a kind of “notifications” textbox. To avoid have several textboxes and deal with lots of “show-hide” actions, I want to use just one textbox in all the title, and use the “change contents” action to modify the text in it. Of course, this “best practice” (which avoid me to unnecessarily increase the number of “static” objects in my title), will produce several variables that have “strings” as initial values (the messages to be shown). And here comes the issue: the Translation Tool do not export any variable.

    So my suggestion is: Will be great to have the possibility to export all variables* initial values to an external file to allow us send it to professional translation services.
    {*Even better if just selected vars are exported, as this need does not apply to integers, booleans, personalised coding, etc.}

    I think that most probably the easiest way to develop this is by adding an export funcionality to the var-manager (as main needed functions like find all vars and its initial values in all the title are already existing and implemented in that context).

    Regards and thanks in advance for your interest in our needs!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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