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    eLearning Brothers has been preparing for this shift for a long time, and has developed a lot of interactions that are not Flash-dependent. If you launch the eLearning Brothers Template library in Lectora today, for instance, you’ll see primarily (if not excluseively) HTML5 content. eLearning Brothers has retired its Interaction Builder that was heavily Flash-dependent, and its new interactions found in the template library use HTML5. However, this does mean that legacy content will need to be updated. If you’re using an interaction from the old Interaction Builder you’ll need to check if this resource is an FLV file and remove or replace it.

    For Lectora itself, drag and drop questions and other question types that may have included Flash in the past now use HTML5 in current versions of Lectora. We’ve been working to remove Flash from Lectora since version 12, and have been able to increase those efforts as less browsers use Flash players for video, etc. You may need to re-publish your old titles in order to remove any Flash elements, especially if the title was created in version 12 or older. Flash interactions from the old Lectora stock library will also need to be replaced with more modern alternatives.

    In order to help you with this Lectora 18 will have the option to publish without any Flash. This will be great for refreshing older titles that may have been created in version 10, 11, etc, and include functionality like video and drag and drop questions.

    How are you handling the change? What are you doing differently? What tips and tricks can you provide people who stumble across a flash object but don’t know what to do?

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