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    rhall01 wrote:
    If doing the above with variables, ensure they are not just session variables as you want them to be able to come back into the course in the future and not have to jump through hoops again. Ooh, yes, that has hit upon a pet peeve of mine.I hate, hate, hate having to go through content again in order to get to information I want to see, especially if there is some tedium involved (such as a timer or incessant clicking). If you have 10 chapters, and I want to review chapter 8, then you can bet I’ll be demoralized to see that I need to go through chapters 1 through 7 again. In fact, I’d probably just shrug off chapter 8 and say that I know it enough.So, even if you aren’t using variable normally, I would suggest using them for chapters. One handy trick to do is to have a TOC page (or use an actual TOC object, but I’m not too familiar with TOC manipulationg to speak on that). The TOC has a list of chapters, but only the first one is clickable. As each chapter is finished, the other TOC items become clickable as well.One way to do this could involve buttons.Say you have 10 chapters. Each button is labeled with the chapters. Chapter 1 is always clickable. The other buttons go to their respective chapters only if VARx = 1. Otherwise, you show a text box that says that this chapter is not unlocked yet. Please see the preceding chapters. Then, on the last page of chapter x, you modify VARx to be equal to 1. Retain the value between sessions. And the initial value of VARx is 0. That way, someone who is reviewing material can just click the button of something he’s already seen.It helps if you have a visual indication of which chapters are done. One cool trick is to have two versions of each button. Say, one blue and one green. If VARx = 0, then display the blue button (which always displays the error message). If VARx = 1, then display the green button (which always goes to chapter x). You make the buttons all invisible, and you have a condition upon showing a page to show ButtonGreenx if VARx = 1, otherwise show ButtonBluex. If that makes sense.Sorry, I’m rambling a bit. Guess my lunch is over.Kevin
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