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    Although there has been no official word from Google on the fate of the platform, it appears that Google has dropped support for the Daydream Platform. Bugs and issues with the SDK are going unanswered, and as we move forward with new features, things seem to be breaking in the platform that are out of our control.

    We will likely be officially dropping support soon if there are no changes made.  A quick Google search for “google daydream dead” will give some insight into issues that the VR community at large is having.

    We do have native support for the web and the following devices:

    Samsung Gear VR
    Oculus Go
    Oculus Quest
    Oculus Rift/Rift S
    HTC Vive Focus
    HTC Vive/Pro
    Pico Neo/G2/G2 4K

    If you have invested in a Daydream device, hopefully it will be an option to use some of the other platforms. We are currently working with Pico VR on an enterprise software/hardware offering with CenarioVR natively installed on the device in enterprise mode.



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