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    In the past there used to be a tab in CM for Expired courses, this is no longer available. (It’s just Enrolled/Completed/Transcript).  This is causing the Enrolled screen to become cluttered because you have to sort through all of the courses to find your active ones.


    I may be missing it somewhere, but is it possible to surpress the expired courses from view or is it possible to bring back the expired option?  (Version 7.1)

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    The option on whether to show expired courses or not is no longer available beginning with version 7.  Not knowing how your particular CourseMill is set up and whether these courses have soft due dates (still allow access) or hard due dates, there are some options available.  If CM is setup to allow a student to un-enroll themselves from an expired course they have not yet taken, then they can unenroll themselves.  As for admins, or instructors/reporters (those who have the permission to do so) can change the students expiration date to a future date so it does not show as expired and allows them more time to complete the course;  or unenroll the student; or mark the student as exempted and put a reason for the change into the Gradebook for history.

    Should you need further assistance, please select the ‘Submit a support ticket’ to the right of this page.

    Thank you for using the TC!

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