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    this is probably basic . . . I am using flypaper to create some animation but we need to use on ipads so if I publish to “web project” will that work?  how then do I get it in my Lectora title? HTML extension? Web window?  I am confused . . .

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    Hi beachgirl,

    Flypaper does not output HTML5 at all, so you would need to publish your animation as a single swf file and then convert that to HTML5 if you want your animation to run on an iPad. I’ve used Google Swiffy in the past to convert swf files. https://developers.google.com/swiffy/convert/upload  But this converter is limited to files of 1 MB or less. This one http://www.flash-to-html5.net/, can handle up to 3 MB, but I’ve never used it, so I can’t say if it’s any good or not. In any case, if you’re using Flypaper, you’re going to need to find some way to convert the swf to HTML5. (Trivantis actually stopped selling and supporting Flypaper a couple of years ago for this reason.)

    Once you have your HTML5 code, save it as a .txt file. Then you can add it to a Lectora title using an HTML Extension with its Type set to Custom Div, and with the .txt file as the File source. I am attaching an example AWT that was created in Lectora v11.

    Hope this helps.


    1. SwiffyTest.zip
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