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    It seems that mp3 audio will not play, on an iPad, from a course published as HTML from any server that is secure (HTTPS). Yet the course will play audio, on an iPad, when I load the files to a unsecured (HTTP) server. I have been looking over the trivantis script files to see where the code is being created to play the audio files, to see if I need to change the path it creates to the files from HTTP to HTTPS, but I am having little luck. I have looked at trivantis.js, trivantis-inline.js and trivantis-media.js. It seems this is where the detection of browser and audio file type are taking place to create the playback code. Until the audio will play back from a HTTPS we can not serve it up from our LMS.

    Any suggestions or thoughts are appreciated.
    Regards, Dale

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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