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    No, a hyperlink is a clickable area on the screen. It does not have a value. The solution is not hard, just a bit of work. Here is one solution.First, each hyperlink is doing something already, showing/going somewhere. You have to add to that some way to track so that is a second action. Since you can only put one action on a link you use groups instead. You could of course put transparent buttons over the text but that gets messy keeping everything aligned. Also, I would not cover the next page button with something transparent. It is frustrating to click on something that looks like it should work. Instead, get a grayed out version of the button and put it on top or hide it.0. At the page level, On Show: your_variable set to (nothing) – this gives you a clean slate to start with.1. Create six groups.2. The first action in each group is the action now on the hyperlink, showing something I guess.3. The second action in each group is to add a LETTER to variable, not a number. Action: Modify Variable; Target: your_variable; Value: A (for the first action, B for the second group, … F for the last group); Type: Add (not Set). This builds a string with the letters in it. 4. The third action in each group:Action: Show; Target: Next button; Condition Tab: Have 6 conditions: your_variable Contains A for the first one, B for the second condition, etc. Make sure you check the All box. So, when all 6 letters are in the variable, the the Next button will show.5. Then the action on each of the hyperlinks is to run the respective group.

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