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    Hi All,

    I have several tittles that I’ve created in v11 that need to be edited in v12. When I open them in v12, all of the invisible buttons are suddenly visible shapes with the text “click here” in the middle.

    “No problem” I say. “I’ll just decrease the opacity to 0, that ought to do it.” When I do that, the button turns transparent in “edit” mode. When I move over to “run” mode, the white “click here” text is now visible again. Back over to “edit” mode” the full blue buttons with the text in the middle are back.

    I can create a new invisible button in v12 and it stays invisible.

    I’d really love to find a way to not have to recreate all of my invisible buttons. Any suggestions from you super smart people?


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    This won’t help as much as you are hoping but the invisible button in 12 now has 4 states and the white is the roll over option that you would also have to reduce the opacity of. I noticed this when we moved ours from 11 to 12. So you can either make new invisible buttons or reduce the opacity in both button states…unless Lectora has a better fix.

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    Do a Find (Ctrl-F) and you search for Click Here, replace it with empty text instead. If you are not using Click Here anywhere in your courses, you can do a Replace All.

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