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    Apple has made a few changes in iOS 12.2 that make WebVR a bit more challenging. Thought it would be important to note them here in case anyone runs into them. These changes only affect running VR content in a Browser on iOS (both an iPhone and an iPad), the CenarioVR App for iOS is not affected.

    – They have added a new setting for Safari that allows the browser to receive input from the accelerometer, and they have disabled it by default, thereby disabling any VR or AR app in the browser. To enable it you need to go to:
                       Settings – Safari – Motion & Orientation Access
    and enable the setting. Every iOS user will be forced to do this once they upgrade if they want to use VR or AR in their browser. CenarioVR will detect this situation and inform the user to either change the setting or use the  App.
    – Apple has completely disabled the ability of their Safari browser to get Motion sensor events from non-HTTPS sites. This doesn’t affect running the CenarioVR app, or accessing anything on CenarioVR itself via browser, as it is all HTTPS. However, if you are attempting to load HTML5 published scenarios that are running on a server that is not HTTPS, you will not be able to use any browser on iOS to do so. Chrome does have a build for iOS, but Apple forces Google to use Safari for their browser engine, so there won’t be any difference for that. CenarioVR will detect this situation and inform the user.


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