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    I’m building a series of courses for a client with strict accessibility standards; all courses must work with the latest version of JAWS. They’re asking us to move to Lectora 17, but we’re encountering issues when testing with JAWS.

    When rendering with Lectora Publisher 16, tabbing with JAWS works as expected:

    • Press Tab to move through all the buttons on the page in sequence:
      • Title-level links/buttons have “Always on Top” checked
      • Page-level buttons have “Always on Top” unchecked
    • Press Down arrow to move through all text fields and buttons on page.


    When rendering the same course with Lectora Publisher 17, tabbing with JAWS yields unusual results:

    • Pressing Tab skips first 6 title-level links/buttons.
    • First object read is the last title-level button (Previous button), but page title (Heading H2) is highlighted.
    • Pressing Tab again reads the page title (no highlights).
    • Next Tab highlights page-level Scroll Down button, but tabbing again highlights the next heading and reads it as “Scroll Down”.
    • Continuing to press Tab reads all the screen text in order, with highlights in the wrong places:
      • e.g., if the read order is: 1. Scroll Down button; 2. Heading 1; 3. Body text 1; 4. Heading 2; 5. Body text 2, then JAWS reads as follows:
        • 1. “Scroll Down button” (Scroll Down button highlighted)
        • 2. “Scroll Down button” (Heading 1 highlighted)
        • 3. “[Heading 1 text]” (no highlights)
        • 4. “[Body text 1 text]” (Heading 2 highlighted)
        • 5. “[Heading 2 text]” (no highlights)
      • If a text box contains multiple paragraphs, JAWS only reads the last paragraph
    • Once all page-level text and buttons have been read, pressing Tab reads through the title-level links/buttons, including reading the Previous button (which was the first object read when opening the page).


    I didn’t see anything like this in the known issues for Lectora 17, but I’m wondering if anyone has encountered similar issues and, if so, whether any fixes have been found.



    • Course being tested was built in Lectora Publisher 17 as a responsive project.
    • Versions of Lectora being used:
      • Lectora Publisher 16.2.2
      • Lectora Publisher 17.1.3
    • All render settings are the same between Lectora 16 and 17.
    • Version of JAWS being used: 2018.1804.26.
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    <p data-keeper-edited=”yes”>Kirk -</p>
    <p data-keeper-edited=”yes”>You might also want to reach out to the dedicated email channel set up by Trivantis specifically for accessibility questions…  wcag@trivantis.com  </p>
    <p data-keeper-edited=”yes”></p>

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    Thank you so much for the detailed message. We are aware of a number of tabbing issues, many of which have been addressed and the fixes will be in the next release. I will pass this information along to our Quality Assurance team to ensure we are testing for these items as well.

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