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    I’m fairly new to Lectora but am becoming fairly decent at it through lots of trial and error… I have a course with three surveys in it, each one submitting data upon completion of that Chapter. I’m using Moodle as my LMS. One of the surveys hangs when you submit/process that survey, but only sometimes. I have narrowed that down to two things; one, it hangs if you (the user) leave a text entry field blank. After much frustration, I did figure out that this is because of the way Lectora puts out a “null” entry. I’ve found a workaround for that, where I set an action to modify that variable to say “SKIPPED” if a text entry is left blank, which seems to work out alright.

    The second issue that seems to be causing the hang, there is a question that basically says if you answer A, go to page 13. If you answer B or C, go to page 14. I have an action on the next button on that page that tells it to do this, depending on the results, etc., which works and does send you to the correct page. However, it seems that if you choose B or C and basically skip over page 13, then it hangs at the end again. I’m guessing this has something to do with that particular question never being read/seen and the way it’s being received by my LMS (Moodle).

    I then tried sending it to page 13 regardless, and doing an On Show action which again, says if they answered B or C go to the next page. I thought that by going to that page it might be ok (it’s a multiple choice question page), but that’s what’s hanging it now (the previous question is the last one being received according to the data received by the LMS).

    The survey is NOT set to require each question to be answered, but I’m starting to think that this is the problem. Perhaps each question DOES need to be answered, and you just can’t have one (question or a page) that is skipped. Does anyone know this for sure or have a suggestion? If you answer each and every question then it functions perfectly. However, they’re not all questions that every user would need to answer so that’s why I was building it the way I was, if that makes sense. Thanks for your help!

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