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    You can see previous release notes and download Lectora Service Packs here:

    A list of the current Known Issues is available here:

    Applied on:
    November 30, 2015

    Supported Browsers:
    Internet Explorer 8 or newer (IE9+ for Responsive Course Design authoring), Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge

    Lectora Online 3.0.1 includes the following updates and fixes:

    New Features:

    There are no new features in this maintenance release.

    Issues Fixed:


    • LO-744 – Themes prevent changes to title background color
    • LO-1447 – Moodle: iPad user cannot launch a title twice in the browser
    • LO-1815 – SCORM Non-Suspend Cookie Data lingers around for next session when title is not exited properly.
    • LO-1907 – Improve Swedish language UI translation
    • LO-1908 – Menu background image problems. Background image appearing in Status objects.
    • LO-1919 – Paste OSC not working
    • LO-1931 – Desktop view can render as phone portrait
    • LO-1936 – Export to Word blank for RCD Titles
    • LO-1959 – Duplicate ID error when drag drop an image from file system into title
    • LO-1966 – SCORM content calls LMSGetValue before being initialized
    • LO-1990 – Design Tab default Transition cannot be set for shared titles
    • LO-1997 – Fixes to export/import with Lectora desktop


    • LO-1916 – Event Move action for an off screen object does not fire
    • LO-1917 – Set Completion Status action incorrectly allows graded test as target
    • LO-1952 – Inserting an action on a page causes Javascript errors after an Else condition action is added
    • LO-1953 – Else Action Items Targets are not being Validated on Publish
    • LO-1957, LO-1969 – Audio and Video event actions lost on responsive view change
    • LO-1975 – Page load timing incorrect for Set Completion Status actions
    • LO-1979 – Page status used in action condition causes JS error when the action is copied
    • LO-1983 – Events actions not firing on Android devices
    • LO-1986 – Reset Question action not clearing question contents in Publish


    • LO-503 – Bullets in text blocks sometimes change font, not bullets for all lines
    • LO-1901 – Table of Contents Included Pages not set properly when 2.0 title opened with 3.0
    • LO-1903 – Selecting each item for Included Pages causes Table of Contents to scroll to top
    • LO-1906 – Description field not implemented for Status Indicator Object
    • LO-1911 – Audio with display = None does not fire On Done Playing actions
    • LO-1923, LO-1927, LO-1929 – Table of Contents: Various issues with selecting and excluding Random Test/Test Section pages
    • LO-1947 – VAR in text blocks not being resolved in run mode when switching views
    • LO-1960 – Resizing a shape reverts the shape name to a number
    • LO-1962 – Table of Contents and TOC-based Menu always include customized test results page
    • LO-1963 – Submenu Style tab, Style panel button not working correctly plus XML differences with LD


    • LO-1888 – Test timer resets when page is changed in Run mode
    • LO-1910 – Show Pass/Fail status option in Custom Results ribbon does not work
    • LO-1928 – Changes from question creator dialog don’t take effect after changes are done in the ribbon
    • LO-1958 – Form object response variable does not save correctly in XML
    • LO-1961 – Multiple Response answers will not display checkmark when certain special characters are included


    • LO-1913 – 100: Unspecified error – Could not write to file…Caused by missing resources in title
    • LO-1954 – Publishing order error caused by modifying dCon before objects are attached
    • LO-1974 – Publishing to ReviewLink – contentlist.xml page names do not match page names in zip file.
    • LO-1934, LO-1977 – Resizing Publish Preview window causes Javascript errors in when Title Manager is selected

    No resolved issues.

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