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    Lectora  v18.1.3 :


    Word wrap seems to be working in the editor, the one picture is taken on the phone portrait mode device view (in the editor), only because it is most obviously word wrapping successfully in that small screen.


    The second picture is on a desktop device view, because that was easiest for me. But the word wrapping seems to be broken for all device views once published.


    For the text that word wraps, under ‘Properties’ I have Wrap Text checked, and nothing else.

    For the image that it wraps around, I have nothing checked under properties except for preload.

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    Several previous questions dealt with similar problems.

    The easiest thing to check is, did you paste the text in from a program that is not plain-text? If so, delete the field and only paste into it using paste without formatting: https://community.trivantis.com/forums/topic/bulleted-list-not-text-wrapping-correctly/

    If that is not it, you might add CSS that enforces word wrapping:  https://community.trivantis.com/forums/topic/printing-essay-question-answers/



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