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     I have noticed that if I create a multiple choice question within a test and go in to change properties on each question/answer and check box for alignment and always on top, etc. it will close down out of the blue and want me to report the error to Trivantis. I have reported it several times using the box that pops up. It is some what annoying when you are working on a long test. So far that is the only issue I have been having other than at one point it would close out if I tried to select something in the media library.

    xithis said:

    I’ve been running Lectora X now for about a week on a new project. It also coincides with a new computer for me running Windows 7. I’ve been submitting bugs to Trivantis. Here is what I have found so far. Feel free to post any other bugs you have found.

    Under Windows 7:
    1. Switching from Aero to Basic graphics while Lectora is open, you lose all functionality in minimizing/max lectora with the buttons in the upper right of the window(they disappear), and the menu toolbar gets all screwed up. Upon returning to Aero, the Lectora Window graphics are still in basic mode, and didn’t convert to Aero.

    2. Switching from Aero to Basic graphics while Lectora is open, then minimizing Lectora, then switching back to Aero, Lectora won’t render properly and you have to force close it using the task manager.

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