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    Too funny: Here are the results of what I was able to do.In a SCORM published course, I edited the A001Content.html file. At the bottom is the info for the Loading… stuff. However, the good news is you can TOTALLY (my Valleyboy Reference there… back in the day I grew up in Van Nuys Calfornia – also an Off Topic conversation) edit the “Loading… line to whatever you like.I edited mine to show this:    

    Loading Annual Corporate Compliance Training
    Please Wait …      

    Now for some reason when I tried to include the “face=’Tahoma’ etc in the same FONT tag, it didn’t work, could be me, could be the LMS etc. So I simply created extra FONT Tags for each of the FACE, SIZE, and COLOR attributes. This worked perfectly. Additionally, I edited the text to remove my version number at the end that I use.Thanks so much.I’d be interested if we can embed an image here, such as a splash logo… I know I am getting greedy – but that would be cool.

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