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    Although this is not the place for my pet peeves, I have developed a loathing for the font “Times New Roman” and feel it should be stricken from our FONT library, just as we should prohibit cashiers from putting the change ON TOP of our bills when we get change – BOTH are equally annoying to me ;-)Nonetheless, in every course I author with Lectora, the splash screen which shows, “Loading COURSE TITLE HERE…” is always displayed in Times New Roman, in spite of every occurrence of FONTS in my course being Ariel.Is it possible to modify this? I called L earn Dot Com and they indicated this setting came from the authoring tool and not their loader… I always felt it was from the loader on the end of the LMS.Has anybody experienced this (shared the pet peeve?) and are they aware of a way to control the font in the loading splash screen?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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