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    So on the page, you have, text block 1, one swf audio(swfaudio1),  text block 2, one swf audio(swfaudio2). On the first text block you have an action on:show play:swfaudio1. On text block 2 you have an action on:show play:swfaudio2.

    Where is the incrementing for the “VisitsToTabMenu” being done, and how much are you incrementing it by? If it is initialized to zero, and you are only adding 1 for the incrementing, it will still fire the first audioswf file as you stated “less than or equal to 1” for the conditional.

    Not sure why you are using the variable conditional to play the swf files. You should just be able to use the on:show play:targetswffile in an action attached to each text block.

    You might want to add an on”show stop:targetswffile just to make sure you stop the current audio before the new audio plays.

    This is where a grouping of audio objects comes in handy. You can use the group name as the target for the STOP action, instead of having one stop for each audio file.

    HTH or am i totally misunderstanding what your description/question was?

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