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    I made the huge mistake of creating dozens and dozens of links with popups in my first training. I learned that just because a popup chapter’s pages can have different sizes and settings, this doesn’t mean that these different settings will look this way when called from a link within the chapters. Also, depending on how each and every link was formatted (like, “open in a new window”, “window type-web browser”, “window properties”, etc), a programmer has to go into every single link to fix how each window was set up in the link dialogue box by unchecking the “default” box. So, I had to go into each link to tell the program to open up the popup in the dimensions that I set them up to begin with. Why the disconnect? If I set up a popup page with certain dimensions, why do I have to then reformat it in the link dialogue box? Why can’t the option in the publishing handle this, or just “as is”??? I will definitely NOT create as many links in my next courses.

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